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"It is the duty of every Society member to: 

Take personal responsibility for spreading a consciousness of the cave

conservation problem to each potential user of caves. Without this, the

beauty and value of our caves will not long remain with us."

NSS News, March 2002, "Participate in NSS Conservation Policy Review", NSS

The Central Ohio Grotto and its members are actively involved with Cave and Karst conservation. 

Members of the Central Ohio Grotto have participated in the following conservation projects:
  • 1998 OVR Cleanup -- Freelands System, OH
  • 1999 OVR Cleanup -- Sloan's Valley Cave System, KY
  • 2000 OVR Cleanup -- Leonard Springs Nature Park; Bloomington, IN
  • 2001 OVR Cleanup -- Machen's Rock, OH
  • 2002 OVR Cleanup -- Redmond Creek Cave System, KY

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